Before I Die

From this day forward, every moment of my life will be dedicated to living every moment of my life as amazingly and richly as possible. This is a promise and this page is my guidebook. These are the things I’ve always wanted to do, to achieve and experience in my lifetime and I’ll spend everyday doing what it takes to make them happen.

1. Become rich by the time I’m 25 (rich in life, having wealth and using it)

2. Start my own company, work for myself (Random Ind., HawtonMedia)

3. Live outside the US (Buenos Aires, Argentina - 2009)

4. Backpack from California to the Patagonia

4b. Treck through the Amazon w/o a tour guide

5. Explore lava flows in Hawaii

6. Become a helicopter pilot

7. Become a legitimate race car/rally driver

8. Learn how to build/rebuild a car from the ground up

9. Build my own house, not by hand, but design

10. Learn spanish, italian and french

11. Be “The Star in the Reasonably Priced Car” on Top Gear

12. Speak a line in a movie

13. Establish a more effective educational system

14. Develop a support program for curious, ambitious and passionate kids to pursue their ideas for bettering our world

15. Meet/work with Sir Richard Branson and Elon Musk

16. Find peace with those who’ve mistreated me, learn to stop hating them

17. Prove all of the naysayers wrong. (Everyday)

18. Inspire as I’ve been inspired